Buffalo Wings

Friday, November 21, 2008

Wings used to be one of my all time favourite things. I was kinda craving something a little spicy and crispy and saucy.. so, I saw these in the store and I decided to try them. Veggie Patch's Meatless Buffalo Wings. They were actually spicy! I was surprised. Most things that say they are spicy, are not spicy at all. So, I was pretty impressed. After I cooked them, I smothered them in some Thai sweet chili sauce, one of my ultimate fave wing sauces.. well, anything sauce really cuz I use it on pretty much everything. Veggie Patch makes a variety of other products you should try out. I was pretty impressed with these and I would definitely buy them again and would love to try more of their other products. So, two thumbs up for sure they are super yummy!!! :)))

[ tip of the day: I don't really have anything to put here today so, be sure the you're taking a daily multivitamin if you're missing out on the important vitamins that you need to maintain good health. ]


Sarah said...

hey! 'meat' products kinda freak me out - but maybe... not likely... lol.
The blog looks cool! Are you planning on doing reviews of restuarants?

Giusi. said...

some of the products freak me out too.. so, i don't buy them.. lol mostly i buy these ones only cuz i'm craving that fried breaded goodness.. :))

I definitely plan on doing some restaurant reviews.. unfortunately, i haven't been able to get out to many restaurants lately because I'm totally swamped. But hopefully soon, I'll get back to blogging some more about products and places to go
: )
thanks for commenting :D

Jeff said...

Are they vegan? A lot of these things have egg in them...

Giusi. said...

Good question Jeff.

I just looked online and the information for this product is here:


they are not vegan as it contains egg whites and milk products.