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Friday, July 9, 2010

I want to start off this post with a personal story. I had posted a photo in my photo album of me holding this baby orphan lamb and some random person, whom I don't know, decided to post a comment saying "Mmmm that would go great with some rosemary, garlic and olive oil." I didn't find it amusing and told him to "Fuck off". Then he inquired if all vegetarians were as profane as I was, proceeded to tell me that I was uptight, that I should learn to take a joke and to go eat a steak.. in which I proceeded to tell him to go choke on his steak. :)

Now, I'm pretty sure most vegetarians aren't as profane as I am.. but I tend to have very colourful language at times, especially when it comes to matters dear to my heart. Humourous? Trust me.. No one needs to even question the notion of whether I'm humourous or not.. my friends and family would put their arm over fire to vouche that I'm pretty damn hilarious. But.. what is it with people who feel the need to make inappropriate comments? Do you think I'm offended by your "go eat a steak" comment? I used to eat meat. I liked my steak medium rare. However, I never ever once used to push my opinions down people's throats back then and I don't now. But don't provoke me.. because then I hold nothing back. So, assmunchers exist on all walks of life. Maybe I should've ignored and deleted his comment and carried on with my life. But.. I'm not one to walk away from most things. Though, I probably should.. A word to the wise. haha

Moving along then.. I know I never post in here but I hardly have time. For that, I'm truly sorry. Just wanted to do a quick post about my dinner the other night that was absolutely delicious. I know Moxie's is known for their yummy slushy drinks et al.. but they also have a very yumm yumm menu. Priced fairly for the quality of food you're getting, I strongly recommend it if you care to dine out. However, prepare to wait long for your meal. A great place to dine if you're out on a date and want to chat it up. If you're in a rush and starving.. maybe not the best place to go to.

The meal I had was the grilled portobello sandwich. This is what it entails (taken directly from their online menu)

:sliced portobello mushroom with melted swiss cheese, roasted red peppers, guacamole and tomato sauce stacked on grilled naan bread

It comes with a side of fries or you may substitute for something else. I suggest their sweet potato fries with the basil mayo dip. Mmm..

If you get a chance, try it out. You'll love it. If not, let me know that you hated it.

I have loads of reviews to write but I'm pressed for time. I wanted to add, in case you all haven't heard that Becel now carries a vegan margarine. It's softer and more spreadable than the Earth Balance one and a lot closer to regular margarine. So, FYI! I believe that most Loblaws stores and Sobey's stores carry it. You can check out their website for more information right here.

That's it for today. I have a question for all of you.. how much is too much flax seed? I see a lot of info on the interwebs about it. I'm just wondering what you all have to say about it. I tend to put ground flax seed in almost everything I eat (salads, oatmeal, cereal, yogourt, baked goods, protein shakes etc.) So, is there such a thing as too much? Let me know your thoughts!

Happy eating everyone! :)

Updates & Twitter.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Now on Twitter! Follow me here: VegginOutInTO

Haven't been able to post any updates and reviews in quite some time as I've been quite busy.... err.. amd essentially haven't been able to go out and eat. Which goes to show you how boring my life has been these past few months. However, that is about to change.. I promise!! And I plan on unleashing a whole new slew of reviews on eateries and products soon!

Also, I'm going to revamp the site! I'm working on a new design and logo. Yes.. I actually designed a cute little logo for my site. I guess I'm kinda nerdy like that. But I love it loads. Just need to draw it up proper on an illustrator and I'll post it when I get a chance.

Please feel free to email me suggestions for eateries & products. I'm always up to trying new things!

Have an awesome weekend.... and mango/peach dessert tofu is seriously my new dessert of choice. Yumminess.

Until next time.. happy veggin'!