Updates & Twitter.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Now on Twitter! Follow me here: VegginOutInTO

Haven't been able to post any updates and reviews in quite some time as I've been quite busy.... err.. amd essentially haven't been able to go out and eat. Which goes to show you how boring my life has been these past few months. However, that is about to change.. I promise!! And I plan on unleashing a whole new slew of reviews on eateries and products soon!

Also, I'm going to revamp the site! I'm working on a new design and logo. Yes.. I actually designed a cute little logo for my site. I guess I'm kinda nerdy like that. But I love it loads. Just need to draw it up proper on an illustrator and I'll post it when I get a chance.

Please feel free to email me suggestions for eateries & products. I'm always up to trying new things!

Have an awesome weekend.... and mango/peach dessert tofu is seriously my new dessert of choice. Yumminess.

Until next time.. happy veggin'!