Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First post! Since I'm always curious what's out there to eat and what my options are.. I decided to make my own blog offering info and reviews of different eateries and products available in Toronto and the surrounding area. Although there are a lot of websites available for vegetarians that offer loads of places.. I find that they seem to target more "gourmet" and fine dining locations. If you're like me and on the go, a poor student or just pretty ordinary and aren't always interested in the fancy frills and the "it" spots, then this blog is for you! I will cover regular everyday places that you and your friends may go to, pubs, family restaurants and fast food joints as well as a variety of products found in your local grocery store and not some random hard-to-get-to health food store. Not to say that any of those places are bad.. it's just that not everyone can get to those places or have the time to find these specialized food stores or have the money to spend on gourmet veggie meals. So, bookmark this site and check in from time to time to see my simple reviews.

With that being said, let's begin with a first posting.. shall we?

I must admit... I am a huge fan of burgers. So, when I decided to stop eating meat I knew I had to find something to replace it. I've never tried veggie burgers in the past and I've begun to experiment to see which ones are good.. and well.. which ones suck. ;)

Since it's been a short time since I've been a vegetarian, I haven't actually tried out a whole bunch yet. I'll list what I've tried so far.

Home Purchased
I've only tried one kind so far.. and I must admit that I really loved them!
Spicy Bean burger by Sol are really tasty. And spicy. I recommend them to everyone! Great to cook up when you have no time to prepare a meal.

Eating Out
Ok. As far as going out to eat.. I know a lot of people are used to fast food joints.. and when you're in a rush and with a bunch of non-vegetarian friends and if you're like me and don't want to hassle everyone and have them go out of the way just to accomodate you, often you have to settle with where they're going. Which I don't have a problem with, so long as they have something I can eat. I mean.. face it.. if you're eating crap at a fast food place.. you're obviously not going to have the most gourmet burger anyways.

Burger King offers a veggie burger and it's actually pretty good! I didn't even know they had one! Mind you.. I was a little tipsy when I had it and it was the usual "after the club run- to get chow" when we went. But.. despite that, I didn't notice a huge difference between this one and a regular meat burger. Not bad! :)

The other day, we went to Wimpy's Diner to let my mom experience their huge burger. I was just going to get onion rings but as I flipped through the menu, I saw that they also offer a veggie burger. So, I ordered it in a combo. I thought it was delicious. I would definitely order it again. They don't skimp out on toppings and you can add extra toppings on top to make it way more delicious! Try the sauteed onions or mushrooms.

A&W's... ok. Before I go there, let me say.. they have an A&W's where I work and I was in a rush to grab something and knew I didn't have time to prepare a meal at home. So, I had noticed earlier that they have a veggie burger or as they call it.. the A&W Swiss Veggie Deluxe. Let me tell you.. there was absolutely NOTHING deluxe about this burger! I wish I had taken a photo for you to see.. because it was awful looking to start with! It was SO tiny.. it should have been named the crappy-miniscule-with-zero-taste-poor-exuse-for-a-burger burger!! It was dry with very little flavour.. they piled on the onions and the swiss cheese was just this thin slice of nothingness. So, it basically tasted like cardboard loaded with onions and was about the size of a tennis ball. That description is probably too generous if you ask me. I would never eat it again. Ever. I'd opt for just onion rings and a salad next time... if there will ever be a next time.

That's it for now. Feel free to comment and give your own reviews.

Happy eating! :)))

[ Veggie tip of the day: Try getting roasted (unsalted) sunflower seeds and sprinkling them on top of all your favourite salads. You may also try sprinkling flax seeds on all your salads and you can also sprinkle the flax seeds overtop your cereal, yogurt or basically anywhere. Ground flax seeds are best, but whole ones will do. Both are available at any bulk food store and many local grocery stores. ]


Spyder said...

The Yves burgers aren't bad. They are small and slim, but you can see that when you buy them - no false advertising there.

Giusi. said...

I'll try those ones next.
: ))