Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. The truth is, I didn't have a computer. Mine broke a few months ago. I was using my sister's (most crappy) lap-top in the interim but it was so awful that I just eventually stopped using it. I finally got my brand spankin new computer last month but being the holiday and all, I really had no time to post at all. Then I went away to Fl0rida and now I'm back. Unfortunately.. because there's a gross ugly snowstorm and I wish I could cart my butt back over there right this instant! *pouts*.. ;)

I don't have a product or place to review today. I basically just wanted to share my lovely travelling experience with you. Or.. rather.. not so lovely. A word of advice... if you're travelling somewhere, be sure to pack some great non-perishable foods with you or find yourself a grocery store in the area where you're staying because you just never know what you're going to walk into. Let me tell you.. Orlando is definitely not a "Vegetarian-Friendly" place. At least not the touristy section. Most places we went to go eat at basically had NOTHING for me to eat. My options were Breakfast, if it was available, FRIES! lots of fries. oh .. and of course.. Onion Rings! which isn't SO bad.. because I must confess, onion rings are one of my most favourite things ever. Talk about CRAP. I think I must've put on about 10lbs from all the trash I was eating.

Me and my sister went to the closest Publix we could find (their grocery store) and stocked up on some items. She had even less selection than me being a vegan. Poor girl. She had a diet of french fries and rice all week. HAHaha.

We made do with the items we bought so, we were *ok* when we were stayin in to eat. Otherwise we were SOL when we were out.

My favourite things were these. My sister quickly made them up. They had these little potato buns thingies. Not sure what they were.. but they were delicious! We cut them in half and toasted them. Then she sauteed some spinach with onions. Put a bit of balsamic vinigrette dressing overtop and threw in a couple of slices of roasted red peppers.. and it was seriously one of the yummiest things I've ever eaten!

She takes photos of all her creations because she posts them in these Vegan food groups on Flickr. You can check one of them out here.

So, that's all for now. Just be aware that other places aren't necessarily "equipped" when it comes to certain menus. And I guess I'm a little spoiled because living in Toronto, I have SO many options. Even a steakhouse has vegetarian meals in their menus!

Just plan ahead and bring extra stuff so you don't die of complete malnutrition!! ;)

And don't forget to bring your vitamins!!

Happy New Years to All of you!