Gone Shoppin'

Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's such a rainy icky day today... one of those days where you just kinda wanna stay under your covers all day. Yes. I think I might just do that after I finish this post. :)

Today I have three items to review. The first item I'm going to tell you about is the President's Choice Meatless Meatballs. They are SO yummy. Being Italian, well.. I can't live without my pasta so, the other night I made some spaghetti with sugo (tomato sauce) and I decided to throw in a few of these guys with my sauce. They were fabulous! Honestly.. you need to try them! There is parmesan cheese in them so, they are not vegan. I generally adore the President's Choice products and they're always coming out with great new foods & recipes.

While on the topic of them... the new Insider's Report for the 2008 Holiday Season has come out. I haven't tried any of the new items yet.. but they have a bunch of new things I'd like to try. Especially the stuffed fresh pastas. (yah.. yah.. me and my pasta..haha) which are available in assorted varieties including the Veneto Pumpkin Triangoli which are stuffed with pumpkin, cream and crushed amaretti biscuits. If you can't get to your local store to pick up a copy of the new Insider's Report, you can view it online right here.

The next item on the list is hummus dip. I love my chickpeas, in any shape or form really, but there's something extra yummy about hummus. Especially flavoured hummus. I've tried a few different kinds and one of my favourites is the Roasted Red Pepper Hummus made by Sabra. They have a whole bunch to try so go and test some out and see which ones are your faves. Mine are this one and the Spicy Hummus. Dip some pita or flatbread into them and enjoy a nice yummy snack.

Unfortunately, I cannot find a photo or information on my third item. It's actually two items but they're the same brand. Life Brand (available at Shoppers Drugmart) has these two beverages that are awesome: Blueberry Lemonade and Electrolyte Water. I love lemonade and when I saw it with blueberries I thought that seemed kinda cool and interesting. So, I tried it... and I approve! :)
The water bottles are really awesome to have handy at home. When you're feeling really run down or sick (also, it's known as an amazing cure for hangovers!!) you should drink some of this stuff to replenish the lost minerals in your body. Works like a charm! :)

That's it and that's all for today. Go take a nap and do nothing for the rest of the day. Those are strict orders! ;)

[ Veggie tip of the day: Raisins!! Eat them! Enjoy them! Throw a couple of boxes into your backpack or purse. Put them in your cereal. In couscous salad.. or anywhere really. They're great and they've been known to lower stress. Just don't eat way too much.. cuz they then you'll overload on sugar. ]


Spyder said...

The Sabra Roasted Garlic Humus was too garlicky. It took away from the flavour of the chick peas which was almost completely masked.

Giusi. said...

I haven't tried that one yet. But I've tried the roasted garlic one from some other brand and you could barely taste any garlic at all. I guess some are weak and some are strong.

Summerfresh has a whole new whack of hummus dips with very interesting combinations. I'm going to be trying out a bunch of those soon. :))

Anonymous said...

Hey, heard about this blog through Facebook. Cool.

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Giusi. said...

aww that's awesome! but i won't be in town this weekend..
boo urns!

but i'll come by another day. :)

thanks for dropping by and posting though.

LeAnne said...

I really enjoy the roasted red pepper Sabra. Haven't tried the garlic or pine nut ones. Tasty tasty!

Giusi. said...

Oh.. i tried the garlic one a little while ago. it was really tasty.. but i don't think it was very garlicky enough for me. lol i love my roasted garlic.

I think i'm going to try to experiment in making my own.

You know.. i really have a whole bunch of new products to talk about on here. I gotta stop being lazy and start writing new posts.
: ))))