Campus Bites.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I attend York University and trying to eat healthy on campus requires a bit of leg work at times. Sure.. you can always settle for a slice of veggie pizza.. or some fries or a muffin.. but you can get sick of eating that crap. So, I'm gunna run down a list of some of the many places on campus where you can get some vegetarian fare that's pretty alright.

York Lanes
This first place I want to mention is Berries and Blooms... and I would like to say that I practically live off of their food. One of the busiest food places located in York Lanes, it offers a salad bar complete with a wide array of fruits and vegetables, all sorts of mixed salads, dips, spreads, toppings and all sorts of other yummy foods. Price goes by weight so, you just fill up your container with loads of stuff and then pay. Chickpeas and seeds a plenty! They also make yummy smoothies if you're thirsty.

Right next to the that is Indian Flavours. Offering a wide assortment of indian cuisine including their super awesome samosas and their uber yummies mango shakes... SO delicious!

Blueberry Hill offers a veggie burger (with a combo or without) if you're craving some good pub eats and maybe a beer with your classmates. Try the onions rings instead of fries with your combo...... err.. I have a weakness for onions wings. Shh.. ;)

And.. last, but definitely not least for York Lanes is the Great Canadian Bagel. Once in a while I'll treat myself to their stuffed Tomazzo bagels. If you haven't had one.. you have no idea what you're missing. It's a baked bagel, stuffed with either artichoke hearts or spinach, a slice of tomato on top, and then covered with some cheddar cheese. Try it toasted with some cream cheese. My favouite is the Lite Feta & Spinach cream cheese on the Spinach stuffed Tomazzo bagel. Seriously yummy!

Student Centre
I'm a big fan of the Veggie Delite sub from Subway. Subs are always super tasty and easy to get.. and I love piling on the toppings... So, you can't go wrong with that.

Though not quite healthy.. but if you're in the mood for something quick and greasy... you're more than welcome to try out KFC's new veggie chicken sandwich. It's actually pretty good. Can't complain.

And of course, you can always grab a slice of pizza at the italian eatery or try the Underground pub which offers a few vegetarian dishes if you want to have a sit down meal (or take it to go).

Head over to the Tel Café over at the Technology Enhanced Learning building (behind Accolades West) to visit one of my all time fave eateries. The Pita Pit! That place is too much amazingness. You can't go wrong with a pita. And it's WAY delicious. I always opt for the hummus pita. The only downside is that this school location charges you extra for feta cheese (which is just a regular topping at all other Pita Pit locations).. but hey..i'm willing to dish it out because they're always well worth it.

The Country Style cafeteria in Winter's college offers a few vegetarian (Kosher) options.. including some spinach, potato or feta cheese pastry pies. They are incredibly delicious.

Last, but not least, good ol' Timmy Ho's. With three locations on campus (two full service ones) you can have a soup and sandwich at any time. Tim Horton's is also the only location on campus(that I know of) where you can purchase water that is NOT Aquafina! hahaha i say that with SUCH gusto.. because i HATE HATE HATE so much that Aquafina is the ONLY water you can buy on campus because York has a contract with Pepsi cola. Pfft.. I can't stand it. Water shouldn't taste so terrible!.. err... getting back to Timmys.... (hehe sorry)... You can try the minestrone soup or the creamy mushroom one. And don't forget your coffee. Large, double double please. :))))

Those are my regular eating places. There are a bunch of other scattered places that have some vegetarian options.. but I didn't feel they have anything worth mentioning... or I just haven't been there. Feel free to list off any that you think need mentioning.

A complete listing of York University's food places, complete with a campus map, can be viewd here: York U's Food Directory

A detailed guide of vegetarian and vegan menu items available at various campus eateries can also be found HERE and on's site HERE.

Until next time... happy veggin'!